Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) Reports

ANSAF has been conducting Social Accountability (SAM) to its members in seven districts which are Ulanga, Karagwe, Korogwe, Singida, Tandahimba, Kilolo and Iringa rural. The main objective of the intervention has been to create awareness among actors (particularly local level) on issues related to social accountability and enhancing constructive citizen engagement on various levels. This also includes the budget cycle from the central government to the local government on timely delivery of funds and implementation of project against expenditures.
It is a toll for progressively enhancement of efficient and effectiveness on the use of resources with the ability to engage more effectively in governance process of public resources at both locals and national level through evidence-based advocacy. SAM has five key stages, which are; Strategic Planning and Resource identification, Expenditure Management: Performance Management; Public Integrity Management, Oversight Management as well as the ways of doing advocacy.

Please find reports on the progress here

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