Research Papers

ANSAF believes in bringing forward evidence based research to ensure that our advocacy is well informed and targeted at the actual need on the ground. ANSAF conducts research at least once a year but in some years we have more research as the issues we review arise from engagement with our members.
Additional research documents that are not authored by ANSAF will be found in this section.

pdf-imageAdvocating for Effective Regulation of the Cashew Nut Industry in Tanzania, (Fitzpatrick J, Dec’12)

ANSAF is an acronym for Agricultural Non State Actors Forum. It was formed in 2006 by members from the private and civil society organizations working in the agricultural sector in Tanzania. The impetus for the formation of ANSAF was demand driven.


Budget Analysis for ASDP and DADP Funds in Tanzania, (Dr. Gabagambi D, Aug’11)

The Agriculture Sector Development Programme (ASDP) is a Sector Programme largely implemented at the district level through the District Agricultural Development Plans (DADPs) as an integral part of the District Development Plan (DDP).

pdf-imagePublic Interventions in Agriculture

The Study on Public Interventions in Agriculture: With What Gender Implications was conducted by ANSAF with the purpose to generate relevant data that shall facilitate better understanding on to what extent interventions in Agriculture considered the gender aspect to ensure equal participation of women, men, youth and other marginalized groups in the process.

pdf-imageAnalysis of Agriculture Budget Trends and Outcomes in Tanzania, (Dr. Gabagambi D, Dec’12)

African economies are mainly agrarian with agriculture playing a significant part in national economies. In fact due to it’s back and forth linkages, the agriculture sector provides employment to a large number of urban and rural population

pdf-imageEnglish Summary: Advocating for Effective Regulation of the Cashew Nut Industry in Tanzania

The Agricultural Non State Actors Forum (ANSAF) was formed in 2006 by members1 from the private and civil
society organizations, farmers’ umbrella groups working in the agricultural sector in Tanzania. During its initial stage it was known as Private Sector and Civil Society Agricultural Working Group (PSCS-AWG).

pdf-imageUchambuzi wa mtiririko wa bajeti ya kilimo na matokeo yake nchini Tanzania

Kwa kipindi cha miaka mitano sasa, ANSAF imekuwa ikichambua bajeti ya sekta ya kilimo kama moja ya jukumu lake la kisheria kufuatilia kiwango cha utekelezaji nchini wa Mpango Mpana wa Maendeleo ya Kilimo Afrika (CAADP).

pdf-imageKiswahili: KOROSHO

Kwa kipindi cha miaka mingi, sekta ya korosho nchini imepoteza fursa mbalimbali muhimu, mbali na kuwepo kwa vigezo mbalimbali vinavyopelekea maendeleo ya sekta hiyo. Sekta hii imefanikiwa kwa upande wa uzalishaji, lakini haijafikia kiwango cha maendeleo kama ilivyotarajiwa.