Strengthening Livestock Policy Advocacy in Tanzania

About the Project

The strengthening Livestock Policy Advocacy is the new project currently implemented which is a partnership between ANSAF and TrustAfrica. The project is running from January 2017 to December 2018 to address key challenges affecting the livestock subsector in Tanzania. The project has been made possible with funds received from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

The project is a national initiative and ANSAF secretariat will engage in advocacy at national level and work together with CSOs and other actors along the value chains including pastoralist through their associations. The partners for the project include Development Partners (DPs), Government Ministries, Pastoral CSOs, Networks and their Associations, Private Sector Actors and Research Institutions working in Tanzania.

Project Goal(s), Impacts and Objectives

The goal of this project is creation of a strong community of advocates that is holding government accountable for inclusive policies and budget allocations for the smallholder livestock subsector in Tanzania by December 2018, in accordance with the CAADP commitments in Tanzania

It is expected that the impact of this project to have a livestock subsector be recognized and contribute more to the country’s economic development in terms of jobs creation and income gain; make small scale livestock keepers be recognized and their voices heard; and make the government invest more to subsector, especially on value addition.

To achieve the above goal and bringing the expected impact, the project focuses to address the following specific objectives:-

  1. Facilitate formation of livestock sector platform for advocating policy issues around the subsector.
  2. Strengthened technical capacity of the livestock forum/platform.  of strengthened technical capacity
  3. Advocate promotion of development of policies  and investments that work for the small scale livestock keepers
  4. To engage policy makers at in dialogue to influence policy and practices for an inclusive livestock policy; and
  5. An enabling environment for policy, increased budget allocations to livestock sector and inclusion of livestock sector development goals in CAADP objective.

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