Audax Rukonge

Name:Audax Rukonge
Date:Jan 02, 2012


Audax is the Executive Secretary of the Agricultural Non State Actors Forum. He has over 20 years experience in development industry. As an Executive Secretary he is responsible for the development and implementation of ANSAF vision and Goals articulated in the 2013 -2017 strategic plan. He is responsible for resource mobilization, developing and maintaining relationship with strategic partners, donors, government and other agencies, including members.

Prior to joining ANSAF Audax worked with Concern Worldwide, Action Aid and Care international. Audax has worked in Mozambique and Kenya on different assignments and capacities. Audax holds a Master’s Degree in Development and International Cooperation (majoring in Social and Public Policy) from Jyväskylä University in Finland. He is a graduate from Sokoine University of Agriculture (holds BSc. Agriculture majoring in agricultural economics). He has authored and co-authored various books on development issues and agriculture.