Policy and Budget Working Group

Policy and Budget working group is one of the structures that works to manage ANSAF activities. The group collaborates with the Secretariat in taking forward issues affecting marginal, small holder farmers and other stake holders by influencing policies through research and evidence based. It also assists the secretariat in maximizing opportunities to influence policies and positive actions among stakeholders. The Working Group comprises of representatives from the following organizations; AMSHA Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship Limited, Agriculture Council of Tanzania (ACT), Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC), Rural Urban Development Initiatives (RUDI) and Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
Specifically, the Policy and Budget Working Group works to:-

•   Review the Cereals and Other Produce Acts and Regulations and legislation that affect marketing of agricultural commodities and propose for reforms to improve the regulatory environment for commodity marketing in the country through evidence based research. The PWG also works to enhance improvement of issues facing Grains Export and markets in the East and Southern regions and recommendation are dully provided.

•    Review agricultural Marketing policy, and other policies that affect grain trade and suggest ways to improve the policy environment for commodity marketing in the country. This may include a review of crop Cess and other forms of taxation levied by LGA’s as well as other by-laws that restrict and hinder structured grain trading and financing mechanisms.

•   Explore ways of strengthening the Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT). Currently ANSAF as well as other relevant policy platforms enhance their role in effective policy dialogue with various arms of government, including the executive, legislators and bureaucrats