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  • We are looking for a media consultant who shall produce TV and Radio programs for ANSAF on the delivery of quality inputs (quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides). The consultant should be able to review the research report, write scripts and produce at least 10 programs.
  • The findings from this study and also other studies indicate that low usage of all inputs is due to high input prices, lack of awareness on the part of farmers, coupled with weak extension and dissemination systems on input usage and their impact; high incidence of fake inputs resulting to low performance and hence discouraging farmers from continued usage.The supply side seem to be constrained by some aspects of the Regulatory framework, and especially the long time it takes for new varieties and products to enter the market due to lengthy trials periods, but also the high costs of registration and certification. The high cost of doing business, coupled with high incidences of fake products is discouraging private companies and especially small ones from doing business. This has decreased market competition due to only a few large operators remaining.

    The problem of fake inputs remains to be one of the major challenges facing the agro-input market and one which requires the participation of all actors in the input chain to cooperate. Regulations need to be beefed up to create effective deterrents. But also end users need to be educated on the regulations and their rights, but also their role in identifying and report those involved in counterfeiting business. Packing and labeling technology need to be smartened so that end users will be able to determine genuine products. Successful initiatives promoted by government, NGOs, public institutions and private companies, but benchmarking from other countries, need to be upscale. In the end, inputs will be used if they are affordable. Feasible measures geared getting input low, including increasing efficiency in handling of imports, rationalizing institutional set up in the registration, certification and quality control monitoring so as to reduce unnecessary fee.

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All the proposals MUST be received not later than Friday, June 16, 2017.