• We are ANSAF

    Promoting 10% budget allocation

    Transparency in Agriculture Sector

  • Providing Smallholder Farmers

    Access to Opportunities.
  • Reducing Poverty in Tanzania

    Promoting Agricultural Systems that work!

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour Change

    Among Key Actors in Agriculture Sector.

Who We Are?

Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) is a member–led forum involving organizations and individuals from the commercial sector, non-governmental (both Tanzanian and international) and from farmer groups in Tanzania. It is a forum for non-state actors to discuss and work towards solutions to improve the agriculture sector in the interests of men and women currently living in poverty. In 2013, ANSAF won an international award from ONE Africa.

Desired Impacts

Opportunities and capacity for smallholder's farmers (SHF) and poor people to respond as entrepreneurs or consumers.

  • Transformed lives of poor both men and women.
  • Agricultural systems that work for the poor.
  • Behavioral change among our BPs.
  • Featured Video

    Social Accountability Monitoring in Tandahimba District

    In 2011, ANSAF in collaboration with Policy Forum began Social Accountability Monitoring training through its members. Each member works with its LGA to form SAM teams so as to review the implementation of projects. SAM brings duty bearers and rights holders together, and Tandahimba District Council has demonstrated that close collaboration is important for better resource use in in Lipalwe Village